Krav-Maga Instructor

The Krav Maga Instructor Course for foreign students, is taught in 5-6 Days periods, and consists of 60 academic hours.
The course is usually taught in English, and includes theoretical lectures and practical classes
The course is designated for Krav-Maga practitioners with substantial experience in Krav-Maga training who wish to learn additional aspects of Krav-Maga, besides techniques.

60 Academic hours which include lectures, practical training, and learning.

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Tuition fee is calculated according to the course location

Age 18

5 Years experience in Krav-Maga training or vast experience in other martial arts plus 2 years’ experience in Krav-Maga.

Passing a practical entry examination, demonstrating required techniques. Entry examination may be conducted via video.
Submitting a short CV.