About ICS

The Israeli College of Sports (ICS) is accredited by the Israeli ministry of culture and sports as an institution for professional qualifications, number 04586024. 

According to Israeli law, not all qualification programs are regulated by the ministry of culture and sports. In training areas which are not regulated by the ministry, ICS academic council is supervising the programs.

ICS is unique in three major aspects:

  1. We focus on students’ needs
  2. We teach adults, this implies that learning concept is different than standard pedagogic approach.
  3. We believe that a coach is an educator and should learn in addition to sport, how to educate his athletes.

Our Mission

ICS mission is to develop sports by educating highly qualified personnel for coaching, instructing, managing, treatment, consultation, research and teaching.

We prepare our students to face the challenges of the modern and challenging world of sports both in Israel and around the globe. We do so by encouraging our students to develop independent learning skills, and commit to excellence.

We invite you to join our international study programs in Israel or in other designated locations. 

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