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We offer qualification courses for individuals aspiring to become instructors and coaches, aiming to positively impact the lives of others. Our graduates assist their trainees in enhancing their fitness and appearance, achieving championship victories, and leading better lives. And the best part? It's also an excellent way to earn a living.

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We teach differently

It is not like the "studies" you went through in high school, we will not sit you for hours in class and we will give you material to memorize for the exams. You will receive much more meaningful and useful things from us.

Practical Knowledge

Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to produce tangible results. To make this possible, we employ a unique teaching approach—one that involves less classroom sitting and more hands-on experience in the field. Upon completing our training, you'll be well-prepared and self-assured to embark on your journey.


Whenever and Wherever

Our lives are bustling, and prolonged hours in a classroom aren't always convenient. We grant you the liberty and flexibility to study at your convenience, wherever and whenever suits you best. A significant portion of the theoretical knowledge can be acquired through remote learning.


A Supportive Alumni Community

We're committed to supporting you beyond the conclusion of the course. As one of our esteemed graduates, you'll enjoy access to a platform that links you with our alumni network and our team of professionals, facilitating your ongoing growth. This platform allows you to pose questions, engage in consultations with fellow graduates and faculty, exchange insightful tips gathered on your journey, and contribute to your further development.


A Certificate that Speaks for Itself

An accolade from the Israeli College of Sports holds substantial value. It signifies that you've received instruction from Israel's finest professionals and possess the competence and assurance to deliver outcomes for your trainees. Rest assured, your employers will highly appreciate it.

Ready to get a taste of the studies in our college?
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The results speak for themselves.

Our graduates are in the field and bringing results.
Do not believe us? See for yourself!
סטיקר תוצאות תוצאות
ICS graduate
סטיקר תוצאות תוצאות
ICS graduate

Want to hear more?

Leave us details and we will get back to you insanely fast.
You can also write to us on Facebook if you prefer!

Want to hear more?

Leave us details and we will get back to you insanely fast.
You can also write to us on Facebook if you prefer!

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