Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We at the Israeli College of Sports value your privacy and therefore we have prepared this privacy policy to inform you when information is stored, how it is processed and what is disclosed to other bodies. The privacy policy below applies to the use of the website of the Israeli College of Coaching and Sports Sciences Ltd. (hereinafter "the College") at the address on the partner sites, service providers and applications (if any) hereinafter all together "the website".

If you are a "user" or "surfer" who uses various college services available through the Site, including those that require registration or identification on your part, the terms of use of the said services may apply, which may include specific aspects of privacy. In such cases, the privacy policy below will apply subject to the terms of use of the said services and the various service providers.

By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to this policy below.
In this policy, addressing in male or female language should be seen as addressing both sexes. While browsing the site, we may collect information by us or by third parties about your IP address, the characteristics of the device you are browsing – the type of browser, the type of operating system, the language used by your device, etc.
We may also collect information about how you used the site – where you came from, the length of stay on the site, the pages you viewed within the site, etc.
As you use various services through the Site, additional documentation may be provided by service providers such as credit card companies and / or our clearing companies or other partners. The information we collect may be kept for information control and security purposes and to protect your privacy when using the Site.

What identifying information do we keep about you?

We retain identifying information about you, including username, real name, e-mail address, telephone number (s), credit card number or other means of payment you provide to us will be retained by the clearing companies, and other information that you provide to us from time to time. The Site, such as receiving enrollment information courses, obtaining grades, certifications and many other actions performed as part of the services we offer as aforesaid may be documented by the College or its affiliates.

What non-identifying information do we keep about you?

We maintain standard non-personally identifiable information based on your activities, such as your browsing habits, your use of the Services, pages you viewed, your favorite pages, and other information collected through GOOGLE and Facebook that uses cookies and data collections, which may be stored in databases

How do we process information about you?

We will process the information that will pass through the service and use it according to your requests, we also create profiles that allow us to give you and other users better service, we share the partners or sites related to us with the information to offer their services, when we may process the information in other ways to you.

Do we keep cookies in service?

A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer and allows the website to identify you or verify your identity. Yes, we store a cookie when you use the service in order to identify you and allow you to connect to the service, we may also share with third parties such as Google and Facebook. For example, Google Analytics uses information analysis and allows them to store cookies on your computer, and you should check their privacy policy.

Who else has access to the information?

We provide access to information solely to our employees, who are under a strict commitment to confidentiality. Can access some of your personal information, other users
Who use the service and contact you, such as students who study with you, we also allow third parties that are important to the service to embed cookies in the service.

How will we contact you?

We may send mailings from time to time, may send you advertisements from time to time, may send advertisements on behalf of third parties, may send you Relevant Suggestions Also, we may contact you if we feel your account has been compromised or for service related reasons.

Can you change or delete the information?

We respect your privacy and you can always close your account, feel free to contact us for any further questions. How should you act if you feel your privacy has been violated? If you feel that your privacy has been violated, you can contact us via 'Contact Us' and submit a request, we will review your request within a reasonable time and we will send you the answer soon.

We wish safe and enjoyable use of the site

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Want to hear more?

Leave us details and we will get back to you insanely fast.
You can also write to us on Facebook if you prefer!

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