Krav-Maga Instructor
Krav-Maga Instructor

We offer a range of Krav-Maga instructor qualification programs that can be pursued within Israel or internationally, in partnership with any of our authorized examiners worldwide.

The programs include:

  1. Krav-Maga Assistant Instructor
  2. Krav-Maga Instructor Level 1
  3. Krav-Maga Instructor Level 2
  4. Krav-Maga Instructor Level 3
  5. Krav-Maga Expert Instructor
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Individuals aspiring to obtain any of our Krav-Maga instructor certifications are required to satisfactorily complete a practical evaluation. This assessment can be conducted either in-person or online, either directly through us or in collaboration with any of our authorized examiners across the globe. Throughout this evaluation, candidates are anticipated to demonstrate proficiency in Krav-Maga techniques as outlined in the relevant information package. The fee for the entry examination is non-refundable and amounts to 500NIS.

The Krav-Maga Instruction Methodology Course caters not only to Krav-Maga students and instructors but also to martial arts enthusiasts seeking to enrich their understanding of Krav-Maga history and instructional approaches. Engaging in this course will empower you to enhance your skills as an instructor. The curriculum comprises five comprehensive units, each culminating in a brief quiz featuring five multiple-choice questions. Your final grade will be calculated based on the average score across all five quizzes, with a minimum passing grade of 70. The non-refundable enrollment fee for this online course is 990NIS.

ICS conducts two qualification programs for the Krav-Maga instructors certification:

  1. Experienced Krav-Maga instructors who have substantial teaching experience may choose our short 4 session’s assessment program.

  2. Practitioners with no substantial instruction experience should choose the 8 session courses.

    Practical course fee is set according to location and number of participants

  • Information for prospective student
  • Instruction for filming the video test
  • Krav-Maga instruction examination evaluation form
  • Release and Waiver Forms
  • Medical Declaration990
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Want to hear more?

Leave us details and we will get back to you insanely fast.
You can also write to us on Facebook if you prefer!

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