Krav-Maga Instruction Methodology - Online Cours

The Krav-Maga Instruction Methodology Course is targeted for all Martial arts and Krav-Maga practitioners  instructors who wish to extend their knowledge on Krav-Maga history and teaching methodology. It is important to emphasize that the teaching methodology presented in this course is relevant to all martial arts as well as to other sports oriented teachings.

The course is composed of 5 units, at the end of each unit there is a short 5 questions multiply choice quiz, and the final grade is composed of the average mark of all 5 quizzes. Passing grade is 60.

Course objectives

To instill knowledge in the following subjects:

  1. Instruction process and related teaching skills
  2. Israeli combat disciplines history and essence.
  3. Safe conduct of martial arts training.
  4. Krav-Maga principles

You can register and take this course anytime you wish, and you will be required to get a minimal passing score of 60 in-order to receive our online official graduation certificate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


5 units of online studies

Flexibly – you can start the course on any given date

990 NIS.

If you will fail the online course you can re-take it for a reduced fee of 190 NIS