Krav-Maga Instructor

ICS Krav-Maga Instructor Qualification is targeted for Krav-Maga practitioners who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age 18 and up
  • Good health (medical approval is required)
  • Minimum of 3 years training experience in Krav-Maga
  • Demonstrating good technical ability (passing the entry examination)
  • Understanding Krav-Maga principles

ICS Krav-Maga Instructor Qualification is composed of 3 components:

  1. Online or frontal entry examination

A person who wishes to complete the Krav-Maga instructor qualification is required to pass a practical examination. This examination can be taken frontally or online, with us or with any of our worldwide official examiners.

In the examination the applicant is required to perform Krav-Maga techniques as detailed here

Entry examination fee: 500NIS (check our group discounts)

  1. Completing an online course:

The Krav-Maga Instruction Methodology Course is targeted not only for Krav-Maga students and instructors but also for for all martial arts practitioners who wish to extend their knowledge on Krav-Maga history and teaching methodology. This course will enable you to become a better instructor.

The course is composed of five units. At the end of each unit there is a short quiz composed of five questions (multiply choice quiz). The final grade is composed of the average mark of all five quizzes. Passing grade is 60.

Online course fee:  990NIS (check our group discounts)

  1. Attending ICS practical Krav-Maga Instructor’s course and assessment

ICS conducts two qualification programs for the Krav-Maga instructors certification:

  1. Experienced Krav-Maga instructors who have substantial teaching experience may choose our short 4 session’s assessment program.
  2. Practitioners with no substantial instruction experience should choose the 8 session courses.

            Practical course fee is set according to location and number of participants